GPC – Caster MCH/MC

GPC – Caster MCH/MC

GPC – Caster MCH/MC

ist eine magnetgekoppelte Zentrifugalpumpe und ist erhältlich mit einer Hydraulik aus Kunststoff wahlweise in PP oder PVDF.


GPC – Caster MCH/MC

GREENPUMPS GPC Sealless Plastic Centrifugal pumps are designed and fabricated for medium duty applications.

GPC pumps are fabricated from solid extruded bar and block plastic materials to resist internal and / or external corrosion. Heavy walled, machined construction provides greater resistance to permeation and migration of corrosive.

Additionally, the strength and thermal stability resists deformation, even in the most severe applications. All GREENPUMPS, due to the construction features are thought to have zero leakages even in extreme working conditions.

The absence of mechanical seal or packing gland eliminates dangerous emission in order to protect the environment and workers.


  • High torque Neodymium magnets (couple)
  • Heavy casing wall thickness
  • Withstands external corrosion
  • Silicon carbide shaft
  • Oversized, high purity ceramic or silicon carbide (SiC) thrust bearings on request
  • PTFEC Chemically resistant sleeve bearings, SIC or PTFEG on request
  • Modular Impeller allows for modifying performances
  • Direct starting motors possibility
  • Mounting Close Coupled NEMA and IEC
  • Low maintenance costs thanks to replaceable impeller
  • High MTBF (mean time between failure)
  • Pumps are in accordance to ATEX regulation category EX II 2 G


Föderhöhe max 55 Meter
Fördermenge max 110 m³/h
Temperatur min PVDF -30 °C
Temperatur max PVDF 90 °C
Temperatur min PP -30 °C
Temperatur max 65 °C
max. spezische Dichte Fördermediums 2 kg/dm³
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